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As the BSV community grows, so do the attacks on the network. We are the Certificate Authority(CA) defending against stolen Bitcoin. We deter, track, and block fraudulent keys. In the tradition of BSV, our applications are low cost, available, scalable, secure and instant. With our anti-fraud cart and security API, BSVCA can enable the community to cut down on fraud and improve the availability and image of BSV.

What We Do

BSVCA Basics...

The BSVCA plugin verifies the keys in any transaction are not associated with any known fraudulent keys.(See anti-fraud below) The BSVCA plugin then calls the mAPI to check for double-spend. If any variables are outside the scope, the transaction is rejected. If successful, the transaction is validated, and allowed to proceed.


We use community reporting at to record potentially fraudulent transactions and vet keys to be added to a revoked list. Any revoked keys can be disputed using the form. To avoid denial of service attacks, trusted vendors can be pre-screened and whitelisted. A crawler(pending) crawls the blockchain to track stolen BSV so it cannot be simply moved and used from a different wallet. Although this is a reactive prevention of fraud, fraud deterrence is directly correlated to the implementation of BSVCA-API into other BSV Applications. If stolen BSV cannot be spent, the risk to the network is decreased.

Possession Vs Ownership

Some vendors won't want to verify that the BSV being transferred is legally owned. Even the "White Paper" ( only addresses possession, and not legal ownership. To provide services to both fields of thought, we created 2 color coordinated vendor ratings. Green, and Orange. The ratings are displayed in a banner(pending) in the ecommerce BSVCA Plugin depending on which version of the plugin is installed.

In the version that promotes legal ownership. ("Green Network"). In the Terms of Service, Green rated vendors identify themselves, agree to pay back any BSV identified as stolen, and agree to comply with local and international law. To discourage Denial of Service attacks, Green vendors are whitelisted. To protect customers and encourage participation in the BSVCA, legal ownership is financially encouraged via a lower subscription cost, and reduced risk by known fraudulent keys.

In the plugin that only considers possession ("Orange Network"). In the Terms of Service, Orange rated vendors agree they may use the cart anonymously, but without the revoked list, and at a higher subscription cost. They can accept funds from anyone, but their key will be revoked if found in possession of BSV identified as stolen. Keep in mind transactions are still validated on this version of the plugin regardless of ownership claims. These vendors are at risk for transactions to and from known fraudulent keys.(The revoked list query is omitted from the code in this version)

Does possession determine ownership? Considering all global communities, BSVCA cannot chose a side; however, we CAN functionally segregate disputed BSV from legitimately owned BSV. Both sides of the network continue to function, but one side promotes legal ownership, and the other simply possession. Both communities are supported. By using vendor ratings, vendors and consumers can decide which side of the network they want to participate in. (Ownership or Possession) while still enjoying transaction validation and protections against double-spending.

When revoking a fraudulent public key, if disputed BSV moves from the fraudulent wallet to another wallet, does the responsibility to return those assets transfer? In order to enforce ownership, the answer must be yes. Our blockchain crawler(pending) tracks stolen BSV to each new key which in turn revokes the new key. Each key can be removed from the revoked list by returning the amount of disputed BSV they possess, or by using the form on Although a second or third wallet may have been a legitimate transaction, We cannot deter fraud (promote ownership) unless we require stolen BSV cannot be spent post-fraud identification on the Green network.